How to tell if a loved one is abusing opioids

Over 20 million people aged 12 or older had a substance use disorder in 2018. This article discusses how drug addiction is treated and offers suggestions for overcoming drug addiction. At this stage of use, cutting back can induce intense withdrawal symptoms. Other spiritual signs may include that they stop attending church or church groups. […]

Alcoholic Eyes: Identifying and Treating Alcoholic Vision Loss

Content Dry eyes and drinking Treatments for eye-related issues with alcohol How Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Eyes Diseases & Conditions Blurred vision Visual Agnosia: Understanding This Mysterious Condition Binge Drinking (Alcohol), Blurred Vision, Enlarged (Dilated) Pupils And Flickering Lights In Vision Symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, fatigue, and an unusual odor to […]